What is XUGEN?

XUGEN is primarily a collection of oral history accounts of medieval seamen from every corner of the globe.
Some of the litrature is fiction, some fact and all have a profound lesson to deliver  for readers of all ages and origins.
Our journey begins at a dark period for humanity.
The global demand for slaves brought merchants, privateers and pirates from all over the world to the rivers and tributaries of Western Africa.
First they came as friends offering well heeled Africans a chance at a new life of adventure in the new world, only to turn around and sell them into slavery upon arrival.
As the years passed and the need for slaves multiplied, they resorted to kidnapping and abduction to meet those demands.

    "Ambassadors" of the new world.


"Ambassadors" of the new world.

The Compromise

News of these abductions spread across the land. The kings of communities along the river banks set up coordinated resistance patrols against the slave traders until ultimately a sad compromise was reached. These rulers of strong kingdoms along the banks, who themselves had several slaves from past conquests, began to sell them to meet the demands of the global community.
So profitable was this business that wars soon broke out between communities in Africa solely for the purpose of acquiring more slaves to sell. As time progressed, international slave merchants from competing countries began to arrive under the auspices of their respective governments.

So fervent was the competition that the captains of these vessels, now acting ambassadors to their countries, offered gifts and knowledge to the kings and royal houses of the river bank communities. In an effort to "out-do" each other, competing "Ambassadors" raced to forged closer bonds with these houses, intensifying information exchange and effectively turning these rivers into the worlds first "global information superhighway"

    Medieval Global Information Superhighway


Medieval Global Information Superhighway



Xenoparochus. Uniter. Glorificum. Eterna. Nitida
XUGEN draws examples from this "superhighway" under 5 pillars of determination
xenoparochus - one who attends or provides for stranger     xenoparochus, xenoparochi
uniter - so as to form a singular entity
glorificum - glorious, full of glory    glorificus, glorifica, glorificum  
eterna - eternal, everlasting, imperishable     eternus, eterna  
nitida - shining, bright     nitidus, nitida, nitidum

Each example is simplified in English followed by a treatise of present-day relevance offering unprecedented access to centuries old wisdom applicable with significant advantage today.

Subjects treated include depression relief, social domination, access to unused sections of the mind, location and use of hidden portals, mind over matter training, just to name a few.

Information shared on this site include centuries old practices by the highest members of international secret societies and governing office condensed as gifts by competing entities for the bounty of Africa.

The reader is advised to use these pearls of knowledge with measured discretion.

The Art of XUGEN

Each example is simplified in English and illustrated with collages submitted by our contributors
It is our intention to offer a visual experience of the mindset in these magical times long forgotten.


The "Forsaken (forgotten not forbidden) Fruit" section presents 9 core examples that we feel offer immediate benefits to the average readers experience. we encourage all to first read and understand them before proceeding with the blog which simply updates the site with freshly translated and simplified material.

Welcome to the trans dimensional world of XUGEN.